Every cloud … why the future of business is digital

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Sabbatical: The importance of planning for an extended break

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Top tips for marketing in a modern world

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Five tips for boosting your online sales

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What gifts can be given to fast-moving employees?

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Mobiles help to revolutionize the claims process

Claims management is one of the most essential tasks for an insurance company. It calls for many challenges. The risk and capital involved in such transactions is high and can affect many business activities. The agents need to be aware of the policies and should explain them to the customers in a simplified manner. For customers, applying for a claim is the most cumbersome task. The process involves constant and complex interactions with the agents. Technology helps to ease this task. Companies Read more [...]

Importance of Market Intelligence for Marketers

Market Intelligence is the process of capturing information about the market relevant to the business niche. It is a comprehensive approach of understanding the market in a better way. The steps involve collecting, gathering and analyzing the information of the market segment. In a broader sense market intelligence relates to four important activities, which are – market analysis, product intelligence, competitor intelligence and market research.  Market Intelligence greatly affects the decision Read more [...]

Finding the right technology to boost your long-term growth

With the economy on the up and positive news about the prospects of business finally outnumbering negative stories, the time is right for companies across all sectors to be thinking about their long-term growth again, rather than focusing solely on survival and continuity. But in order to achieve this, many companies will have to look at overhauling their IT solutions. Investing in the latest technology solutions will have been an area that has been overlooked by a large number of organisations Read more [...]

Two Best Movie-Themed Slot Game Designs

When it comes to the topic of design, and what turns good design into something great, it is important to make sure that you experience all forms of creative design available. A fantastic example of how design is constantly evolving can be seen by viewing the influence that technology has introduced. There is nothing greater to witness than having two major players in the world of entertainment, that of gambling as well as Hollywood, join forces. Technology has allowed for online video gambling to Read more [...]

Expats and tourists living the dream in Egypt    

Although it may not be the most popular expat destination at the moment because of recent political turmoil, nevertheless living and working in Egypt, or simply holidaying there, is still a dream for millions of people from around the world.   However, in terms of lucrative expat opportunities, Egypt is far removed from glitzy, glamorous Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, for example. Thus a healthy level of savings tucked away in the bank account will help smooth the ups-and-downs often Read more [...]