Every cloud … why the future of business is digital

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Sabbatical: The importance of planning for an extended break

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Top tips for marketing in a modern world

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Five tips for boosting your online sales

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What gifts can be given to fast-moving employees?

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Experiencing Gambling – The Free Way

Gambling is an extremely enjoyable activity, whether it is the energetic sounds that bounce from wall to wall, the hustle and bustle of a busy casino, or simply the thrill of possibly hitting it big, there is no denying that for most people, gambling definitely stirs up some level of excitement. The problem that arrives with gambling, of course, is the fact that when your luck takes a turn for the worst, very often large amounts of hard-earned funds tend to disappear in the process. Considering the Read more [...]

Being Prepared For The End

Death is not something anyone really wants to talk about. The idea of it, for the majority of us is very frightening-the idea of simply not being there, not existing. The moment as a child that you realise that nobody, including yourself, is going to live forever is somewhat earth shattering. Some people, mostly the elderly, are well prepared for death. They have their affairs in order, they have a will written, they know whether they want to be buried or cremated, some even plan their own funeral! Read more [...]

Tips for Starting Your Own Business

For many people, the idea of working for someone else is just crazy. Why sit in someone else’s office from 9-5 when you could be working on your own business that you’re passionate about? This is what many entrepreneurs believe, and this belief has helped them thrive and create successful businesses that they love. And you can do the same! Part-time business management degree courses can definitely help you on your way towards running your own business, and having a few tips to get you started Read more [...]

Myths dispelled about Forex trading

There are many myths about trading in foreign exchange and most of them are designed to keep traders like you out of the market. You’ll find a few of the most common misconceptions about forex trading busted below. Visit http://www.knowledgetoaction.com.au/learn-to-trade/ or the Knowledge to Action Facebook page to learn more about forex trading myths. Forex Trading Is A Sure Thing While it’s true that many forex traders can – and do – make good money forex trading, there is no such Read more [...]

A contractor’s guide to insurance

Contractors need to ensure that they have the correct type of professional insurance in place in order to protect themselves financially from accidents or any other unforeseen incidents. What type of insurance a person requires can depend on factors such as their specific role, workplace and how you work. Those who work through an umbrella company UK can benefit from an insurance policy as a part of their agreement with that firm. However, there are other forms of insurance that it is wise Read more [...]