Every cloud … why the future of business is digital

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Sabbatical: The importance of planning for an extended break

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Top tips for marketing in a modern world

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What gifts can be given to fast-moving employees?

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Learning to Spread Bet

Are you interested in making money easily? Have you considered investing your hard-earned money into the stock market but you're too concerned about the losses that you might incur, as well as the high risk involved? Then it's definitely time to consider spread betting. This will allow you to invest in markets and commodities. Your profits from these investments will be tax-free, and you can make a surprising amount of money with minimal risk if you know what you're doing. Want to learn how to Read more [...]

Ways To Save Money When Going Out To Eat

Going out to eat can be one of the largest expenses that a person can have if they do it on a consistent basis. Eating out does not always have to be so expensive though as there are ways to save money. The following are some ways to save money without changing your dining habits. The best thing to do is to look up the daily specials and go on a day that has the specials that best match your appetite. A favorite around the country is that of taco Tuesday where many restaurants offer cheap tacos Read more [...]

What are the Core Elements for Managed Payroll Outsourcing?

Payroll outsourcing is only successful if you work in conjunction with a team of payroll professionals outside your company in an organised and methodical manner. The payroll company will offer you a myriad of choices that you can use depending on your budgetary allowances. If you select a managed payroll plan you will be expected to work with your team of payroll experts in three core areas so that your payslips, tax reports, and other needs related to payroll will be accurate, delivered on time, Read more [...]

Gi2C Review: The Best Part-Time Job Opportunities for Foreign Interns in China

Participating in a part-time job while involved in an internship program in China is a great way to not only earn some extra money, but also further your professional skills. Since you are already eligible to work part-time in China, becoming part-time employed in another job should not be an issue. This is an opportunity to experience different industries and cultures in China as you maximize your time abroad. There are a wide variety of positions available for foreign interns in China. It all comes Read more [...]

3 Things You Should Know About Money

Your age doesn’t matter much in today’s world; what does is how financially literate are you. The question isn’t just about getting a job or opening a bank account. There is a whole lot of money-related decisions you’ll be making throughout your life and therefore an understanding of the basics, including the following as outlined by Steve Liefschultz, is important.   Earn More than You Need to Spend   You want to be top of the game as far as money’s concerned, Read more [...]