Every cloud … why the future of business is digital

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Sabbatical: The importance of planning for an extended break

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Top tips for marketing in a modern world

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Five tips for boosting your online sales

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What gifts can be given to fast-moving employees?

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Sponsorship as a Marketing Tool

Sponsorship can be a powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal, but it can be very hit and miss. Sponsoring high profile celebrities or sports teams is a pricey investment but you can choose to sponsor on a localized level and achieve results in the form of greater brand awareness and ultimately more sales. The salient point is to understand what sponsorship may or may not achieve and to also be able to have a tangible measurement of your effort. With sponsored marketing, you can make informed Read more [...]

How to Determine if You Need Financing and Cashflow Solutions for Your Business

dvsfsvavfsf If your business is the type that offers credit to your clients, then you will need adequate financial reserves in order to keep your business running and not have to deal with problems with operations. You will need additional cash on hand to bridge the gap between sending out your invoices and receiving the actual payment from your customers. If you do not have the necessary reserves of cash, this could seriously affect your business, not only in the short term, but in the long term as well. Keeping Read more [...]

Things You Need to Know About Ebola

  Ebola is a serious health risk for those that contract it, it can even be life threatening. With much conflicting information in the media and social media it is difficult to find out some simple questions about the disease, here are some commonly asked questions about Ebola. Where Did Ebola Come From? The first outbreaks of the Ebola virus happened in remote villages in Central Africa, these villages were close to tropical rainforests. The most recent outbreaks have occurred Read more [...]

New Year Saving Tips

It's that time of year again, making resolutions and resolving to get a handle on the finances; you know how to work out your budget and you've got a comfortable savings pot, so how else can you cut down the costs? This post aims to highlight some useful tips to help you make your money go further this year.   Don't buy life cover with your mortgage provider Many mortgage providers prefer for applicants to have life cover, which is basically a type of life insurance, in the event Read more [...]

Mobiles help to revolutionize the claims process

Claims management is one of the most essential tasks for an insurance company. It calls for many challenges. The risk and capital involved in such transactions is high and can affect many business activities. The agents need to be aware of the policies and should explain them to the customers in a simplified manner.  For customers, applying for a claim is the most cumbersome task. The process involves constant and complex interactions with the agents. Technology helps to ease this task. Companies Read more [...]